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[Psychology] The role of Body Shame when losing weight

After reading:


Recently, the last year students, especially female students, started to go on a diet. It might seem weird that a very busy student is not even eating enough to study. However, the reason behind this is because of Year Book photos. There are more than five female students whom are on a diet right now. Most of them skip dinner and either go to sleep or run for at least twenty minutes. As I observed these students up close, since I go to the gym due to my weak knee, many students were shamed of their body shape. One of the girls, who started to skip dinner for over a year, lost around 10kg, and is still feeling unconfident of her body. It seems as if she didn’t lose as much as weight as she had skipped so many meals and the reason was stated in the article. Engeln says that the more someone has body shame, the more they will binge eat. The girl in my class might not binge eat, but one of the weird things she does is that she eats a lot of chocolate and nut products. It is widely known that these goods are high calorie food and it is unhealthy to merely eat them. It would be healthier for her to eat dinner instead of eating confectionaries.


After reading the article, it reminded me of one of the Ted talks I watched in the past. The title of the lecture was Why thinking you’re ugly is bad for you’ by Meaghan Ramsey. The video gives various evidences that thinking your ugly will negatively impact our school grades or social status. After listening to this, I found a great discovery in school. The girl I mentioned on the top actually does not have outstanding grades. She also criticizes the shape and look of herself. This phenomenon clearly shows that self confidence does affect you. To give another example, another girl in my class, who always procrastinates and is fully self-assured, has amazing results compared to the work and effort she puts into. Although it is true that she is originally talented in a studious way, it is judged that her self-reliant plays a big role. If she does not think that she might be able to finish the work perfectly on time, she would spend less time on it. However, since she is extremely confident, she always accomplishes her task.


Like this, confidence plays a critical part in forming one’s grades or social status. The two contrasting examples above clearly show the phenomenon. Although I brainwash myself into thinking that I can do it, it does not work all the times. Nonetheless, always try. You are the one to change you. No one else can do it, and no one else will do it. Always feel positive towards yourself!


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