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The reason why I wear boy’s uniform

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In my school, wearing uniform is mandatory. I’ve been wearing school uniform since six years old; when I started attending British international school. Uniforms in different international schools were comfortable to wear. Blazers, especially, were not tight at all. The reason is because uniforms such as blazer, shirt, tie, and sweater were not divided by gender; they were distinguished by size. However in Korea, all the uniforms are separated by sex. Girl’s shirt, boy’s shirt, girl’s ribbon, boy’s tie… and so on. To be honest, I have no idea why they are segregated.


Girls’ shirt is extremely tight. I even bought two sizes bigger than my own, and it is still small. The arms and the waist part are incredibly inflexible, and thus female students can barely breathe. This even goes for summer uniforms. Although girls can cover their chest part with sweater or cardigan during the cold days, we can’t do this during summer time. The summer shirts are awfully short and tight. Girls with big breasts cannot even close their shirts, and even though they do, it seems as if it is going to explode any second. As a result, it is UTTERLY uncomfortable for girls to wear uniforms. This situation does not merely apply for my school. All uniforms in Korea forces female students to look unexceptionally skinny.


So, do I want to look skinny?

  • More like fit; not skinny. I want to be muscular. NOT skinny.


Do I want others to force me to look skinny?

  • NO; my body, my choice.


So does the society have the right to make me wear tight uniform by force?

  • I think you know the answer to that question.


The uniforms are overly tight. I can hardly breathe wearing school skirt. This is why I wear boy’s uniform. I can’t even compare the comfortable-ness. I can close my shirt, breathe after eating breakfast and lunch. The society has to gravely consider the seriousness of sexism even in uniforms.


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