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[Psychology] A day to love myself.

Article inspired by: “How to Know When to Take a Mental Health Day – We should treat mental health more like physical health” by Amy Morin.


Today, like usually Tuesdays, I was going to as usually, and found an interesting article about Mental Health Day. Coincidently, I watched a Youtube video on a similar topic this morning! I was extremely excited to discover this connecting link, and decided to write about this topic.


The article talks about taking a mental health care day; when should you decide to take a day off from work? The author mentions how it is necessary to take a rest when you are physically sick, like catching a cold. However, taking a break to mentally recover is rarely accepted by employers. Nonetheless, it is incredibly important to find some breathing space from backbreaking work. So, when should you take a break? There are three situations: 1) When you are distracted by other events 2) When you have not loved yourself enough and 3) When you seriously need an appointment with a professional therapist. Out of all, number two is probably the most important. Since society is changing in a rapid speed, and there are too many to catch up, people tend to overwork themselves. Still, loving yourself is more important than anything else. If you feel tiered be brave to say that you need holiday!


+) In Korea, there is this song called “1+1=0” by Suran. In Korean, 1 is pronounced as il, which also means “work”. There is a analysis on this song how work+work+work+work = 0, so nothing. It is an interesting song, and the video is beautiful! Go check it out.


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