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[Psychology] Procrastination…

Article inspired by: “Procrastination is Not to Blame” by Mary C Lamia Ph.D. 

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Procrastination. It is something that we all go through during school days. Even though I prefer being prepared as early as possible, it is unattainable to completely avoid procrastination.

Procrastination. It is something that we cannot avoid. You do not have to feel guilty of procrastinating.


I personally abominate procrastinating. Whenever I do it, it feels as if time is catching me up in a relay race when I am running in first place. Additionally, I could barely concentrate on anything when I have a lot of work to do. I have to finish my ‘to do list’ one by one. Unlike me, many of my classmates can work only under pressure. They say that if they have enough time to do it, they get lazier rather than hard working. However, if they are close to the deadline, they are forced to concentrate on their work, and as a result, they get pleasant outcomes.


Procrastination is not always a bad thing to do. Like the article mentioned, failure is not entirely based on procrastination; it is more to blame our emotions. People are different, and like the contrasting characteristic of me and my friends, people concentrate in different situations. If you are worried about procrastinating regularly, think about it this way. On one hand, some people concentrate more during the day time. On the other, others may focus on their work when it is pitch black outside. Procrastination is somewhat similar to this. “People focus on different situations.”


This blog post was not written to encourage procrastination. The purpose was to inform you all that procrastinating is not the one to criticize. Some do better by procrastinating. However, if you constantly fail, in whatever you are focusing on, by procrastinating it is your personal emotion to blame; not the fact that you procrastinated. Control your mind and emotions; clear it out.


There is a funny saying by a comedian in Korea: “Once you realize that you are late, you are really late. So start as fast as you can.”


Worrying only makes it worse. Just do it!


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