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[Psychology] Procrastination…

Article inspired by: “Procrastination is Not to Blame” by Mary C Lamia Ph.D.  Procrastination. It is something that we all go through during school days. Even though I prefer being prepared as early as possible, it is unattainable to completely avoid procrastination. Procrastination. It is something that we cannot avoid. You do not have to… Continue reading [Psychology] Procrastination…

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[Psychology] A day to love myself.

Article inspired by: “How to Know When to Take a Mental Health Day – We should treat mental health more like physical health” by Amy Morin.   Today, like usually Tuesdays, I was going to as usually, and found an interesting article about Mental Health Day. Coincidently, I watched a Youtube video on a… Continue reading [Psychology] A day to love myself.

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The reason why I wear boy’s uniform

In my school, wearing uniform is mandatory. I’ve been wearing school uniform since six years old; when I started attending British international school. Uniforms in different international schools were comfortable to wear. Blazers, especially, were not tight at all. The reason is because uniforms such as blazer, shirt, tie, and sweater were not divided by… Continue reading The reason why I wear boy’s uniform

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[Psychology] The role of Body Shame when losing weight

After reading:   Recently, the last year students, especially female students, started to go on a diet. It might seem weird that a very busy student is not even eating enough to study. However, the reason behind this is because of Year Book photos. There are more than five female students whom are on a… Continue reading [Psychology] The role of Body Shame when losing weight

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[Psychology] Are you REALLY listening to me?

After reading: Steve Albrecth’s article. The article “Learning from Professional Listeners”, by Steve Albrecht, is about whether we are indeed listening to others or not. The double ‘Huh’ phenomenon and smartphones are the main issues of this article.   The double ‘huh’ phenomenon is when someone says “Huh?” before their partner even finishes her/his sentence. Here… Continue reading [Psychology] Are you REALLY listening to me?

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[Book] Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

(I will try my best not to spoil!)   Finally, I managed to finish the fourth book of the Harry Potter book series. I started reading Harry Potter since January and became passionate about such magical universe. However, as the series develop, the story constantly gets darker and darker. ‘Harry Potter and the Goblet of… Continue reading [Book] Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire